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Sunday, February 26, 2012

GLAM BAG Feb. 2012

i finally received my February bag. For some reason they sent me two bags. i cancelled my other subscription in order to use my other credit card info. i do not know what happened. i have to check in on that. Love the envelope it comes in.

this month they sent 6 items including the bag.

look at this make up bag, it is so fun and girly. very cute.

the next thing i got is the X out shine control. it claims to eliminate shine, but still keep you're skin hydrated and healthy looking.

next is Dead Sea Premier skin products. the two items are instant stretching and revitalizing mask and an eye cream. Both are to help combat wrinkles and revitalize your skin. i can't wait to try these.

another product i received is the Freeman facial hydration mask with goji berry. i love Freeman masks. i hope i like this one, it is suppose to hydrate your skin. my face needs silk the hydrating it can get. my face gets pretty dry around this time of year, especially my cheeks.

the next product I received is NYX roll on shimmer for eyes, face and body. these colors are in Almond and Green. like i mentioned, i received two glam bags all the items are the same, but i got a different color of this product in the bags. i love both of these colors. i tried the Almond last night. it gives just enough shimmer, not too much at all. i would use this to line my eyes too. so fun!

the last item i received is ghiradelli chocolates. nice sweet treats for valentines. you can't go wrong with chocolate. yummers.

i love Glam Bag! oh yeah, they sent done awesome coupons. i received a $100.00 gift certificate for Nume styling tools. oh ship rocks, i am glad i am doing this post. i accidentally threw my coupons in the trash, i had them in the envelopes. good thing my husband did not take the trash out. whew..... i would have been pissed. i also got 30% off coupon for the NYX roll on shimmer. Glam Bag rocks.

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